20 January 2010

January Instructor Weekend

Temperatures and Visibility reports may not be 100% accurate, it is meant as a rough estimate and is based upon reports we receive.

Surface Temp: 36F
Temp @ 40 FT: 36F
Avg.Reported Viz: 15-40 Ft

Saturday: High: 38 Low: 26 Partly Sunny
Sunday: High: 42 Low: 34 Some sun, breezy

Every group MUST be accompanied by an Instructor. Instructors MUST fax (610-759-9441) or email (amandag@dutchsprings.com) a list of ALL attendees before Thursday at 5:00pm.

Arrive with Instructor: 10-11am
Last Dive: Under the water AND breathing on your regulator by 3:00pm
Out of our gates by 4:00PM

2010 Season Pass on sale now! Individual Unlimited Season Pass $200; good from now until March 31, 2011. This sale price expires on 02/28/2010! Get your pass on your way out the gate!
Consider a multi-year pass, see below for price structure:
3-Year: $480
5-Year: $750
7-Year: $875
10-Year: $1,000

NEW: Order your 2010 Season Pass or Multi-Year Pass online!

Air Fills ARE NOT available for this weekend.

Platform Cleaning:
20 March 2010
Open to Instructors ONLY
If interested, instructors email kevins@dutchsprings.com

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06 January 2010

Discounted Airfills

Greetings from Dutch Springs!

Also Happy 2010! We are all planning on a great 2010 diving season, any changes of course will be here and on our facebook pages. I wanted to let everyone know, we have discounted books of fill tickets which you can order online. Go here: http://tinyurl.com/dutchair
fill out the form, and in a few days have your fill books in your hands.

For our New Year's Eve Day Dive we had about 100 die-hard divers come out along with 3 news sources to document the day. The reported visibility was great and those wearing dry suits claim the water was tolerable.

Recent News:

The Boy Scouts of America has released Scuba as a Merit Badge, brand new for 2010. Dutch Springs has 2 active Merit Badge Counselors and will be working with Dive Shops and Independent Instructors to offer the badge to the more than 1 million scouts and their parents in our area. Great news for the diving community!

NorthStar Adventure at Dutch Springs has commissioned a study into workplace motivation for 2009/2010. Empire Research Group did the study for us, with remarkable results. We are offering our study at no cost to business leaders and managers, simply email us, and let us know you would like a copy of our study.

Stay warm and stay tuned for more information about the upcoming season!