16 February 2009

Conditions for 21-22 February Instructor Weekend

Well, we keep getting closer and closer to March and as the days seemingly fly by, everyone here at Dutch is gearing up for another great season. Putting the finishing touches on projects, meetings that are discussing the upcoming season and making sure everything is in order for the weekend of 4 & 5 in April. This is the last instructor weekend for this winter, which typically marks about a month until Beneath the Sea. We are hard at work making DVD's, making sure our brochures ready and that we have enough waivers for the masses. As we finish our software upgrade for our ticketing and season pass program we are counting the days until Beneath the Sea- we hope to see you there- stop by our booths 401, 403 and 405 (next to Olympus). Now on for the conditions for this, the last instructor weekend until December.

Surface Temp: 36F
Temp @ 40ft: 36F
Avg. Reported Viz: 35-60 Ft
Local Weather Forecast: Saturday: High 34 Low 23 Rather cloudy, a bit of snow
Sunday: High 32 Low 19 Windy with a snow shower

Instructor Weekend Info:
-Instructors MUST call 484-221-1138 or email Desiree at desireep@dutchsprings.com and make a reservation by Thursday before we are open.

Instructor name, dive shop, phone number and names of all divers must be given.

-If the weather becomes unsafe for driving, we will call the instructor by 5PM on Friday night, as well as change our voice mail.

-Arrive with instructor between 10-11AM

-Last dive UNDER the water by 3PM

-Out of our gates by 4:30PM

-Everyone diving in the group MUST be present before entering.

-NO night dives or camping

-There are no safety staff stationed around the lake.

-The only staff on duty are in the front office if assistance is needed.

-Air fills are available in December, but not in Jan or Feb.

-Concession stands are CLOSED

-February 21-22 is the last instructor weekend

-Platform cleaning- March 21, 2008; if you would like to help clean platforms, please contact Kevin at kevins@dutchsprings.com *Instructors ONLY, please.*

Come to Beneath the Sea and stop by and see us 27, 28 & 29 March 2009 at Booths 401, 403 & 405.

12 February 2009

Surveys can be fun

As I sit here and the wind is whipping the office around and shaking it as though it thought Dorothy and Toto were inside, my mind can't help but wonder what this economic shift means for the diving industry. The media has made us all feel as though we've hit rock bottom, there's no hope and the good times are over; and what's worse is people are buying into it. Unfortunately, that's all people are buying in this economy- media scare tactics. Rather than place more blame and theorize as to what divers may or may not do, I thought, why not ask the masses what their plans are this year? A simple survey, six short questions that will stop the theories and conjecture and give us all a little window into reality.

So if you wouldn't mind filling out our survey, we'd appreciate it.

Trying not to get swept away,