12 February 2009

Surveys can be fun

As I sit here and the wind is whipping the office around and shaking it as though it thought Dorothy and Toto were inside, my mind can't help but wonder what this economic shift means for the diving industry. The media has made us all feel as though we've hit rock bottom, there's no hope and the good times are over; and what's worse is people are buying into it. Unfortunately, that's all people are buying in this economy- media scare tactics. Rather than place more blame and theorize as to what divers may or may not do, I thought, why not ask the masses what their plans are this year? A simple survey, six short questions that will stop the theories and conjecture and give us all a little window into reality.

So if you wouldn't mind filling out our survey, we'd appreciate it.

Trying not to get swept away,


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