09 March 2009


So it is March, which means alot to us here. March gives us that excited anxious energy. In March we have Beneath the Sea, our staff meeting and all the little things we need to do in order to open our gates. We dig out all the signs we remove for their protection from the winter, we clean off the platforms, order food and an immense cleaning effort of everything- it's very similar to an intense spring cleaning. With last weekend getting up to 70, we hope that trend continues to warm the water up.
We are preparing for Beneath the Sea, with lots of copying and checking our lists.
The breakfast cafe has complete new siding and looks amazing. The new sign is up on the Sky Challenge talking about our team building. We are fixing all those little things that need fixing.
On the touchy subject of money, the only fee that has increased for 2009 is our season pass price. Admissions, air-fill and food are all the same as they were last year.
We are becoming very active on Facebook- if you haven't joined the 275-odd-million users, you just might want to. We make announcements, are planning on using Facebook as a platform for offering deals to our friends and much more.
That's all I can think of for now, stay tuned for our weekly update for conditions, and if you haven't already- sign-up for Facebook and search for Dutch Springs.
Hope to see you all online and at Beneath The Sea.


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