26 January 2009

New Brochures

People always ask us, in the winter are you closed? Well, yes and no. Although we don't have people coming in for diving, we still do for team building and for our very popular Dog Sledding Program. We had 31 ten and eleven year old on Sunday for the Dog Sledding Program. Otherwise, Dutch Springs is closed to the diving public, I can't fathom why anyone would even want to dive when the air temp is 15 and the water is more than twice as warm, but still a bone chilling 36 degrees. People always ask, so what do you do? I can tell you we don't go in the water. We are busy analyzing the previous year, sometimes years to see if we can make things better or easier for the next season. Everyday we clear the lake of the annoying seagulls and geese. We do all those little maintenance details that can't be done when we have divers here. Also, as the subject suggests, we edit the brochure and print them up. Just last week we got our 40K brochures and are starting to send them out to about 250 dive shops throughout the Northeast. Today is a balmy 15 degrees, sunny and as I wrap this up I hear the goose cannon going off and thousands of Canadian Geese taking flight elsewhere. Here's hoping for an unseasonably warm April and opening weekend. Don't forget our last instructor weekend: 21-22 February 2009, there will be details shortly. Enjoy the day!


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