19 January 2009

The New Year

2009 has started. No turning back now. We have decided to leave our admission prices and air fill prices the same as last year, only slightly increasing our season pass prices. As for changes in the new diving season, none have surfaced, except the arrival of another Scott. Kevin Andrew Scott arrived to the world on 17 January 2009 at around 8 in the morning, just over 6 pounds and a week early. I'm sure Andrea and Kevin didn't mind the early arrival. All are doing well and I'm sure Drew (as he will be going by) can't wait to get his first feel of the lake this summer. Our next and last instructor weekend will be 21 & 22 Feb 2009, please check back for the temperature (which will be cold) and the visibility (which will be amazing) the week prior to that weekend. We are starting to think about Beneath the Sea. Our brochure is off to the printer and we're awaiting its return. The Breakfast Cafe is getting a face-lift, new siding similar to the front office. Another "new" thing is next to air fill and the garage. It is a fenced in area able to be secured for those summer nights when there are a sea of tanks. I'm sure there will be more changes as the season draws closer and I will keep you posted. Have a great day and week (maybe month) until I write again.

Dutch Springs

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