16 September 2010

Weekend of 18 September 2010

Temperatures and Visibility reports may not be 100% accurate, it is meant as a rough estimate and is based upon reports we receive.

Surface Temp: 79F
Temp @ 50 FT: 54F
Avg.Reported Viz: 45-75 Ft

Friday: High 76 Low 54; Partly sunny
Saturday: High 76 Low 54; Fog in the a.m.; mostly sunny
Sunday: High 80 Low 54; Partly sunny

Please note- There is absolutely NO alcohol allowed on Dutch Springs property. If you are seen with alcohol you will be asked to put it away. If you are seen with it again, you will be asked to leave the property. Quiet hours begin at 11:00PM with NO exceptions. A wrist band is required for camping and/or night diving. You MUST have one by 6:00 PM on Friday AND/OR Saturday.

Sick of the long lines in the morning? What if it rains and your standing in line and your street clothes get wet? Well that's all about getting in @ Dutch. Well, it sure used to be. Don't be one of the unlucky in line! Buy your tickets online (www.dutchsprings.com) and wave to everyone in line as you drive in! (You can even buy your non-diver and aqua park tickets online too!)

Really like diving at Dutch? Here's your chance to get in on the good stuff.
Consider a multi-year pass, see below for price structure:
3-Year: $480
5-Year: $750
7-Year: $875
10-Year: $1,000

Dutch Springs recycles! Simply pick up a blue bag at the Admissions Office outside next to the comment box, Blue Koi, Concession Stand, Student Side Look Out or Peninsula Side Look out. Fill the bag, tie the bag and drop it next to ANY garbage can.

NorthStar Adventure is available year-round for team trainings. Does the economy have you down? Show you're team their true value and increase their productivity. Tired of the drama in the workplace? Let NorthStar Adventure facilitate positive change for a drama-free workplace. Need references? We have served Air Products, Silberline,Lehigh University, Team Capital Bank, Martin Guitar, PPL, Just Born and Boston Beer Company. NorthStar Adventure also offers the Climbing, Nature, First Aid and can assist your scouts in the new Scuba Merit Badge.

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